Deployed in countries worldwide including Japan and the US, TOFAS is an online assessment test that evaluates the "fundamental academic skills" of children from a global perspective. It grew out of the survey research and the education knowhow of the "SPRIX Fundamental Academic Skills Lab".
TOFAS is a "fundamental academic skills compass" program developed independently by SPRIX to provide comprehensive support for the future potential and growth of children.

The three strengths of "TOFAS"

  1. TOFAS is an academic diagnosis specializing in "fundamental" skills

    No matter how much the educational environment, the times, or the country changes, the foundation for all academic skills will always be the fundamental skills of "reading", "writing", and "calculation".
    In the latest survey in 11 countries worldwide, large discrepancies were seen in the "fundamental academic skills" of children.
    This is a major issue that must be resolved for educators and for the children themselves. And TOFAS has the merit of scientifically evaluating the fundamental academic skills of each individual child within a short, designated period of time.

  2. Academic skill assessment on a global scale

    Amidst societies that are transforming into global, borderless environments, 80% of the guardians SPRIX Fundamental Academic Skills Lab surveyed in 11 countries answered, "If an assessment text existed that could evaluate academic skills globally, I would want to use it." And because TOFAS is conducted simultaneously abroad instead of only in Japan, it can assess the current state of fundamental academic skills on a global scale. By knowing how current fundamental academic skills compare to children around the world, children can view themselves from a global perspective and gain a whole new self-awareness.

  3. Appropriate follow-up

    TOFAS analyzes the results from each individual child scientifically and provides the appropriate feedback regarding "room for improvement" tailored to the growth of each child. Additionally, we prepare follow up contents to strengthen the weak points that are discovered through TOFAS results for fundamental academic skills to build continuous improvement and skill internalization.

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