Grow your potential

Through research and development linking to an improvement in "fundamental academic skills", we want to contribute to the potential for children world over to unlock their own futures.

SPRIX Fundamental Academic Skills LABO

Since our inception, we have contributed to the improvement of children's academic skills through the management of an extracurricular learning academy and the creation of educational contents in our mission to actualize improvement in fundamental academic skills and an independent learning environment.
Under the slogan "Grow your potential", SPRIX Fundamental Academic Skills Lab has conducted a bevy of surveys both inside and outside of Japan aiming for improvement and internalization of "fundamental academic skills" to expand the future potential of children worldwide.
In addition to using educational knowhow gained from survey analysis to date and a long history of managing an extracurricular learning academy, we blend in cutting-edge technology including AI in our ongoing daily effort to improve the fundamental academic skills of children from a scientific perspective.