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Students: You can achieve more!

By measuring your Fundamental Academic Skills, TOFAS reveals your strengths and areas that need attention. This allows you to study far more efficiently and achieve your full potential.

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TOFAS can make you a better student.

  • Learning Efficiency

    Knowing your strengths and weaknesses greatly increases learning efficiency. Now you can focus on improving the areas that will truly benefit your academic performance.

  • Improved Performance

    Studying more efficiently, eliminating problem areas, and getting better support from your teachers lead to improved academic performance.

  • Increased Confidence

    As your classroom performance improves, your confidence increases, which makes learning more fun and fuels even greater success.

  • Global Ranking

    Because TOFAS is taken simultaneously around the world, you can compare your score with fellow students all over the globe.

Over 5 million test takers around the world have benefited from TOFAS!

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Student from Japan

I found it very useful, not only because I passed, but also because the analysis of the results gave me detailed advice on what I hadn’t done, and I use it as a reference for my future studies.
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Student from Egypt

I think it’s a great experience that we didn’t use the calculator, we just used our minds.
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We can check back on what we learned and this platform encourages us to learn more.
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Student from Egypt

It stimulated our minds and helped bring us up to speed by developing our skills and boosting our self-confidence.
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Student from Malaysia

We know our strengths and weaknesses by referring to the result analysis.
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Student from Egypt

The idea of the test is very good as it develops our mental skills.
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Student from Egypt

My parents encouraged me as it was a very good challenge, was out of the ordinary, and provided me with a new experience.
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About the Tests

TOFAS is designed to help students, parents, and educators by measuring Fundamental Academic Skills, the building blocks of learning. Learn more about our tests and how they can help you achieve your full potential. Just click the button below!

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