Bring out the best in your students.

It’s extremely challenging to assess the learning skills of every student in the classroom. The insights gained from TOFAS – including a detailed analysis of test results – can do that for you. With this knowledge, you can give students the instruction they need to do their best.

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A World of Potential: The global scale of TOFAS

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TOFAS: The Educators’ Choice

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    Global Perspective

    TOFAS is taken around the world simultaneously, which allows educators, schools, and governments to view student performance – and curricula – against a global backdrop.

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    Fundamental Academic Skills

    All learning is built on Fundamental Academic Skills. Currently, TOFAS offers tests for two: calculation, and programming.

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    Individual Insight

    Given the challenges educators face, individual student assessments can be extremely difficult. TOFAS eases that challenge by providing a vital academic measurement for each student.

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    Detailed Analysis

    In addition to a score, TOFAS provides a detailed analysis of test results. This precise knowledge enables educators to determine how best to strengthen a student’s academic performance.

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    Multiple Levels

    Each TOFAS subject is offered on multiple levels in order for the ideal assessment to be made.

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    Language Options

    TOFAS is available in a range of languages, allowing the test takers to choose one best suited to them.

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How to Get Started

TOFAS offers a myriad of benefits for educators and academic institutions – not to mention the students. Click the button below to find out more and to get connected with a specialist.

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Insights from TOFAS allow you to give your child the precise support needed to achieve his or her full potential. Click the button to find out more.

For Parents

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses in Fundamental Academic Skills gives you a tremendous opportunity to get ahead. Click the button to find out more.

For Students

Over 2 million test takers around the world have benefited from TOFAS!

Flag of Malaysia

Principal in Malaysia

TOFAS exposes children to international levels of education. The platform can help students gain more knowledge for the future.
Flag of Japan

Principal in Japan

I believe it is difficult for students to understand mathematics when they move on to junior high school if they are not able to do basic calculations.
Flag of Malaysia

Principal in Malaysia

Students get the chance to be proud of joining an international assessment, and a chance for the school to be proud as well.
The Flag of Egypt

Student from Egypt

My parents encouraged me as it was a very good challenge, was out of the ordinary, and provided me with a new experience.
Flag of Thailand

Student from Thailand

I had never taken a test on the web before, I had actually been wanting to do that for some time. I was able to take the test with no problems, it was a good experience. Also, my score was better than I expected, my ranking was high, and I received a certificate, so I was very happy.
Flag of Singapore

Teacher in Singapore

It is good for students to get used to testing online. In Singapore, from now on, every 10 days there will be one class online.
Flag of Malaysia

Principal in Malaysia

TOFAS is something beneficial and helps students to sharpen their minds.
Flag of Japan

Principal in Japan

The TOFAS results analysis sheets were very helpful in providing detailed data on where each student’s points to improve are. I believe it is difficult for students to understand mathematics when they move on to junior high school if they are not able to do basic calculations.
The Flag of Egypt

Student from Egypt

I think it’s a great experience that we didn’t use the calculator, we just used our minds.
Flag of Thailand

Parent from Thailand

I thought it was unique, to be able to compare fundamental academic skills globally.
Flag of Japan

Parent from Japan

At elementary school, we rarely hear from teachers in detail about my child’s learning level, and since there are no specific details in the report cards, we do not know the extent to which academic skills have been retained. In this respect, the graphs and comments on the analysis of the TOFAS report were very useful for understanding my child’s academic ability. It was simple and very easy to understand, even for my child.
Flag of Malaysia

Head of Maths in Malaysia

Able to obtain very accurate data. Helps teachers improvise their teaching skills based on the students’ weaknesses.