In Japan, the Global and Innovation Gateway for All (GIGA) School Initiative promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has led to a rapid shift to one-to-one technology in classrooms. The aim is to maximize students’ abilities by mixing the most advanced ICT with existing educational practices. One such measure is CBT, a Computer-Based Testing method that does not require paper and pencil.

A case study from an elementary school in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, saw students in each grade level taking TOFAS on their own tablets. Based on the test results, educators were able to recognize the growth potential of each student in terms of Fundamental Academic Skills. This enabled the school to improve classes and instruction in a way that was not possible with paper-based testing. The educator in charge of the program said, “TOFAS shortens the time required for scoring and analysis, which can revolutionize the way teachers work.” TOFAS is recognized as a CBT that can be useful not only for children but also for teachers, and it is expanding its presence in public schools throughout Japan.