In November 2021, approximately 3,000 students from more than 150 schools in Egypt took the TOFAS exam. The implementation was made possible because Egyptian educators share SPRIX’s desire to help students improve their academic standing by instilling confidence and expanding their ability to learn.

One teacher commented, “TOFAS, in which students solve problems using thinking skills instead of calculators, was a very new and exciting opportunity for them.” A student had this this to say: “TOFAS requires speed, and I thought that taking it would not only improve my academic skills but also my confidence.”

In February 2022, SPRIX held a ceremony to award students who scored 80% or higher with a certificate and a set of stationery. The event was attended by the Egyptian Minister of Education who praised students, parents, and teachers for their achievements. “TOFAS has once again confirmed the success of Egypt’s educational reform initiatives,” he declared, “and that our students are ready and fully capable of competing on a global stage.”